Specialist Areas: Disputes

Specialist Areas: Disputes

Specialist areas of disputes: our litigation department, alongside our intellectual property, employment, corporate & commercial & franchising lawyers can help you to settle disputes in specialist areas. Speak to our team on the contact details below to see how we can help you.

Franchise Disputes.

Having been involved in some of the high profile franchising cases to date, Sherrards has established itself as a leader in the franchising arena. Our franchising lawyers are experienced in advising a diverse range of businesses from the retail, fashion, food and drink as well as hotels and leisure sectors. Leveraging off this experience, our franchising disputes team have a wealth of practical, up-to-date knowledge with which to advise both UK and international franchisors and master franchisees on handling the disputes which can arise from time to time, perhaps in the aftermath of termination, or with a competitor.

Intellectual property disputes.

Our intellectual property disputes team help our clients protect their brands, new ideas and inventions on a national and international level. We recognise that the creation of intellectual property rights is fundamental to our clients’ businesses, with many such rights spanning several jurisdictions. As part of our international alliance, we can provide our clients with a full service, both nationally and internationally, where breaches to IP takes place.

The UK has long been a centre for protecting IP rights, and our team are on hand to guide you through the process of protecting your IP, which includes actions to protect your trademarks, patents and copyright. Occasions may arise where injunctive relief is necessary in order to cease the breach that is taking place, and protect what is important to you.