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The Sherrards Recruitment team are well-known in the sector and are the preferred legal team of the Recruitment Directors Lunch Club (RDLC). We support agencies of all types and sizes, from small, niche and independent agencies to larger, national recruitment firms.

To ensure your matter is dealt with as quickly and smoothly as possible, we work alongside our colleagues across the firm who specialise in Employment law, Debt Recovery, Corporate and Commercial law, Litigation and Commercial Property to help you through any legal issue that comes your way.

Our team has vast experience in dealing with all kinds of challenges likely to be encountered by those who own and/or run businesses in the recruitment sector.

Our clients say we are “a warm and friendly team who not only offer expert advice but execute brilliantly. As a small business we occasionally have debt to chase or need legal counsel on other matters, we have a 100% record with Sherrards and will continue to use them for the foreseeable future. Highly, highly recommended.”

You can read more about the Recruitment Directors Lunch Club and our involvement with them here.

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How we can help you

Debt Recovery & Debt Management

Cash flow is all-important in the recruitment sector and every little counts. That’s why our dedicated team of debt management specialists are on hand to help recover fees from clients.

Fee disputes & breaches of terms

Our team is able to draft effective contracts dealing with liability for fees. In the case of a dispute, their familiarity with the recruitment sector will assist you in resolving disputes in the most commercial and cost-effective way.

Commercial agreements

Commercial agreements in a recruitment context can be complicated by the raft of legislation particular to the sector.

We are familiar with the issues faced by recruitment specialists and are well versed in drafting agreements that protect the interests of our clients.

Business growth & financing

Business finance is subject to changing circumstances, and with that comes the need to consider a variety of possible sources: banks, private lenders, bridging finance and so on. Our team regularly work closely with banks, and is on a number of banking panels, assisting private investors, and also borrowers. This ensures we have the necessary insight and expertise to guide you through any new finance and get the right deal for you.

We work alongside your finance team to ensure that finance documents reflect your agreed terms and that there are no hidden extras or areas of risk. The work we undertake covers all aspects of lending: facility letters, loan agreements, credit agreements, security documents, priority and subordination deeds and intercredit agreements.

Data theft & intellectual property protection

Databases of clients and candidates are just part of the intellectual property (IP) that is key to the success of any recruitment business. This data is essential to the operation of recruitment agents, allowing them to put the right candidate in front of the right client. When an employee leaves, there is often a concern that they will take those databases, or other confidential IP, and use it for the benefit of a competitor.

Our team can assist by putting in place the right documentation to help you to protect valuable information (e.g. employment contracts and relevant policies) so if it appears that an employee has taken any IP, we can step in to prevent them from using that data.

Agency Workers Regulations

The Agency Workers Regulations, which came into force in 2011, were amongst the most important pieces of legislation to affect the recruitment sector in recent years. The regulations grant certain rights to agency workers, meaning that the overall cost of hiring an agency worker has potentially increased. The commercial demands of the agency, the hirer and the worker need to be balanced.

Our specialist team will help you to navigate the complexities of the legislation and work with you to ensure that you are legally compliant, while remaining commercial and competitive.

Employment Business Regulations

The employment business regulations are well established and are important for the recruitment industry in the UK. The regulations set out minimum standards to which employment agencies and related businesses are required to adhere. Failure to implement the regulations properly may have a significant commercial impact.

Our specialist team will help you to navigate the complexities of the legislation and work with you to ensure that you are legally compliant, while remaining commercial and competitive.

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