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You will want your property litigation dispute settled as quickly as possible, so we’ll strive to achieve a positive, timely outcome for you. We prioritise mediation and other dispute resolution methods, but if litigation proves necessary, our specialist team will take determined and decisive action.

We resolve disputes for landlords, tenants, developers and investors, and our clients include prominent retailers, leisure operators, major estate agents and financial service providers.

When the only option is to go to court, our team makes full use of tactical property litigation and we also draw on our close ties with leading London barristers.

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Property development and related services

We help our property developer clients with aspects such as vacant possession strategies, restrictive covenants and rights to light. Typical projects in this area have included:

  • developing a vacant possession strategy involving numerous on-site tenants
  • right to light issues affecting a new London penthouse apartment.


Business Tenancies and Asset Management

We manage property portfolios for many well-known companies. Our work in this area includes contested and uncontested lease renewals, dilapidations, service charge disputes and break notices.

We can help you with issues such as:

  • successfully defending a dilapidations claim
  • break notice tactics, for example when a tenant does not exercise a valid break
  • resolving tenant default claims.

Rent review issues occur frequently and we have developed approaches to settle them swiftly. We help clients interpret rent review clauses in leases including those with complex interpretations, and with the tactics that are often used in negotiations.


Landlord and Tenant Property Litigation

Tenants and landlords choose us for advice on a range of issues, including assignment, right to alter and service charge disputes. We explain their options, including, where appropriate asking the court to determine the matter.  We also advise on whether consent can be withheld and how to protect against claims for unreasonable delay.

Examples of our cases include:

  • a client with a long leasehold defending an action by their freeholder for altering the property without consent.
  • a residential leaseholder who wanted to alter his flat substantially. His landlord sought to impose onerous conditions in return for consent. After our robust correspondence, the landlord withdrew his demands.


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Here are the plain facts on some complex cases

We acted for a tenant vacating a large warehouse site in Hertfordshire.  At the end of the Lease the Landlord served a substantial dilapidations claim of over £500k.  We used arguments involving a 18 valuation to significantly reduce the Tenant’s liability.  We worked closely with one of the leading surveyors in Hertfordshire in relation to this matter.

We acted for a high net worth individual in relation to his property portfolio.  One such property had a Rent Act tenant, it was suspected that the Rent Act tenant no longer resided at the property.  We issued proceedings and the matter went to the High Court.  In the days before trial a successful settlement was reached.

We acted for a property company which owned a luxury £5million property in Kensington.  The property had been sold subject to contract. There was a tenant in the property who was refusing to leave.  This was jeopardising the sale. We worked hand in hand with our residential team in order to provide vacant possession.