China and Asia

Sherrards has a strong focus on China, whether UK out-bound investments and transactions, or in-bound investments and acquisitions, or property development in the UK.

Our team is led by Laurel (Xueying) Zhang, a lawyer and native Mandarin speaker. We regularly advise individuals from East Asia & China on moving to the UK, and we also regularly advise companies from China and across South-East Asia and Taiwan on setting up and trading in the UK, and assist with litigation or dispute resolution, including the enforcement of foreign judgments and debt recovery. Laurel acts as a bridge between the UK and China in terms of culture, language and legal systems.

Through our membership of Alliott Group, we have access to the expertise of law and accountancy firms across the globe.

Sherrards, in collaboration with the UK government’s international trade agency, Department of International Trade (DIT) (formerly (UKTI – UK Trade & Investment) published a guide Export for Growth aimed at businesses keen to exploit the opportunities that are available through international trade and, in particular, in China and South-East Asia.

This team is known for its representation of major Chinese clients and is fast becoming the go-to advisor for Chinese investors wanting to do business with the UK.