Karen Dobson, Partner in the Dispute Resolution team at Sherrards Solicitors, has recently settled an arbitration brought by a company registered in the Middle East specialising in base and precious metals.

The client/Defendant to the claim is a Central European company specialising in the production of aluminium profiles. 

A dispute arose between the parties arising out of the contract for the supply of aluminium billets, in respect of which the Claimant sought payment which the client was resisting, on the basis that the contract mechanism for determining price had not been followed and that the billets delivered were not of satisfactory quality, which caused it loss.

Karen Dobson, Partner at Sherrards, managed to negotiate an early settlement of the dispute, following the commencement of arbitration proceedings.

The settlement was very favourable to the client and resulted in it avoiding significant legal costs which would have been incurred in a fully-contested arbitration.