Real Estate Finance, Investment & Wealth Management

Real Estate Finance, Investment & Wealth Management


Our residential finance lawyers advise on the structuring of a transaction to provide security for a lender and certainty for a borrower. We work with major banks and other leading property lenders, on a senior and mezzanine basis.  We take an active role in every aspect of a property finance transaction. Working with our banking team, we conduct due diligence efficiently acting for both borrower and lender on private finance transactions for development work or repeat financing arrangements.

On an individual level, you may want us to deal with a re-mortgage; moving to a lender with a better interest rate; releasing equity in your property; or consolidating your financial commitments.

Our specialist residential property lawyers have been assisting with re-mortgages for both investment properties and owner/occupier properties for many years. All understand how to ensure a smooth transition, including early redemption penalties on leaving your current arrangements.


Our multi-disciplinary team works on all aspects of investment transactions – acquisition, leasing, management and disposal of real estate investment assets, as well as, on the sale and purchase of all kinds of residential property.

We work with UK-based and offshore clients, including listed companies, private companies, individuals, LLPs, trusts, funds and general partnerships.

The key to a successful real estate investment is often identifying the most appropriate vehicle for the acquisition and the best way of structuring and financing the transaction. Our multi-disciplinary team will work with you to achieve the best result. Increasingly our transactions involve our corporate and commercial teams in creating the purchase vehicle and setting up joint ventures, partnerships and real estate funds.

Wealth management

As an investor, you need careful management of your property portfolio to ensure tax efficiency. We can facilitate tax and estate planning, working closely with our private wealth team.

We also work with family trusts and offices, wealth managers, such as Rothschild and UBS, and pension funds to help manage property portfolios that generate income or funds for beneficiaries.

We assist in the transfer of assets or the liquidation of companies particularly overseas, for tax planning purposes.

We also advise on the acquisition of property in companies or trusts, and the extraction of properties owned in such entities (known as de-enveloping) to minimise tax liability or the operational cost of owning your property.

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