International Services

International Services

Sherrards solicitors have a long history of advising international clients. Our Private Wealth department advise both UK and non-UK domiciled individuals on all aspects of lifetime wealth and succession planning and inheritance tax structuring. This includes the preparation of tailored Wills & Lasting Powers of Attorney, establishing Trust & other structures, establishing charitable organisations & dealing with the Court of Protection.

We are very experienced with helping clients with multi-jurisdictional assets & across certain jurisdictions including Scandinavia, Germany, France, the US, Middle East, Israel & Asia, although we have experience of dealing with clients from many more jurisdictions globally. The team are part of an alliance of international lawyers & accountants via The Alliott Group. 


With the rise in UK residents purchasing property abroad, the process of distributing an estate following the death of a loved one is becoming more complicated. Some of the deceased’s estate may be overseas, or their assets may be in the UK but they are deemed domiciled abroad, creating a complex probate process.

As experts in Wills, trusts and probate, Sherrards provide advice for dealing with international probate, removing the burden from you throughout the entire process. You can rest assured that we have a wealth of experience in handling international probate cases for clients across a range of jurisdictions.

Succession planning:

While our succession planning practice is mainly UK-focused, we do also offer international Wills, trusts and probate services and when required, work with local experts in other jurisdictions.

Advice for non-domiciliaries:

If you live in the UK but not on a permanent basis, from a tax perspective you may be classed as non-domiciled, meaning you are required to pay remittance tax. However, there are a number of benefits for non-domiciliaries and with the right legal advice, methods to reduce tax exposure.

At Sherrards, our specialist Wills, trusts and probate team is able to advise across the spectrum of tax-planning for non-domiciliaries – including capital gains tax, income tax and inheritance tax. With significant experience working with non-domiciled clients from multiple jurisdictions, our specialist lawyers understand the complexities involved and are able to provide tailored advice on the most tax-efficient structures.

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