Contesting a Will or Inheritance

Contesting a Will or Inheritance

If there is a dispute over a Will, inheritance or estate of the deceased, time is of the essence.  Seeking expert legal advice is also key to ascertain whether you have good reason to challenge the Will.

Our experts solicitors can help if:

  • You were not included but believe that you have grounds under statute for provision from the estate
  • The testator had reduced mental capacity when executing the will
  • The will has been forged
  • The will has not been executed properly
  • The testator had been coerced into making the will

In such an instance, you may wish to contest a Will or inheritance provisions, possibly under the Inheritance Act (Provision for Family and Dependents) Act 1975.

Our expert Wills, trusts and probate lawyers have extensive experience in advising clients on all legal matters relating to disputes.

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