Family Friendly Legislation

Family Friendly Legislation

The laws surrounding family leave, maternity, adoption and paternity rights can be complex and as such it can be easy for employers and employees to make a mistake.

Having a child is an exciting time but it can also raise a wide range of workforce issues, including:

  • Ensuring your employees are safe at work during pregnancy
  • Allowing employees to arrange time off for appointments
  • Leave
  • Pay and benefits
  • An employee’s role and working hours when they return after a period of leave

Employees are afforded various “family-friendly” rights and entitlements, but the rules as to how these apply in practice can be tricky. We can steer you through the procedures and requirements relating to maternity, paternity, adoption and shared parental leave, plus flexible working requests.

We are also experienced in defending employers faced with pregnancy and maternity discrimination claims, whether due to alleged detrimental treatment when a pregnancy is announced, or in respect of the challenges of balancing childcare arrangements with an employee’s career upon their return from maternity leave.

Whether your business would benefit from advice on employees’ rights as parents, or requires guidance in honing policies and procedures to encourage equality, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.