Management Buy-outs & Buy-ins

Management Buy-outs & Buy-ins

Business Ownership.

Whether you are a management team aspiring to own the business, private investors or an external management team, or perhaps a combination, we understand the fundamental concerns and different perspective each client has when looking to buy a business.

We will guide you through the process and clearly explain what to expect, how to overcome potential hurdles and how to organise and prepare for ownership.  Whether it is discussing funding options from external sources, realising existing assets or cash flow from the target business, or due diligence and research into the target, we will ensure that you are supported throughout the process.

How we can help you:

  • Extensive experience in acting for a variety of sellers, MBI or MBO teams, private investors and silent partners
  • Helping MBI teams make the transition from employee to ownership
  • Tailoring due diligence to the deal and existing knowledge of the parties
  • Helping new owners to understand and prepare for management and ownership, for example drafting shareholder agreements or updating Articles of Association

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