Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures:

We act for a number of clients that find synergies between their own business and that of others in their marketplace and, sometimes, even competitors.  The combined performance of two (or more) parties or companies will invariably be greater than the sum of the individual parts.

We help to put in place foundations for the relationship by documenting the commercial aspects of the venture; who will contribute what, who should do and manage what, how the proceeds should be shared and – in the event that the relationship doesn’t quite work out – an exit strategy.

These are all important factors that have to be considered from the star. With our help, you can put in place the ground rules at the outset so that you are free to focus on the most important thing- running the business.

We can help you with:

  • Working with your advisers to identify the best structure for the joint venture
  • Ensuring the transfer of key asset or business streams into the new joint venture
  • Identifying and guiding you through the negotiation and allocation of key roles, responsibilities and duties
  • Helping you to achieve a structured management and ownership structure and including mechanisms for “exit” if required