This is Alasdair McMillin’s profile, if you’re interested

Alasdair is the longstanding Managing Partner at Sherrards. As well as leading the firm, he also retains a certain amount of commercial property work, concentrating more on the strategic aspects of a transaction.

His motivation has always been business success rather than legal complexities and he sees his role as helping others to achieve their objectives; be they personal or business driven. This is instilled across the firm and is something Alasdair inspires for the team at Sherrards.

As a member of the Executive board, strategy and support are Alasdair’s main drivers. He is known for making himself available to clients and employees at all hours, and for ensuring the firm is focused on achieving its objectives.

Alasdair values his strong and long-lasting client relationships and is described by many as ‘not your typical lawyer’, which is something he takes as a great compliment.

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