Formerly known as the "Future Leaders Programme," 40 Alliott Global Alliance members attended the "Younger Professionals" Impact Adacemy conference, which included a unique programme of practical business sessions, networking and social activities aimed at creating long-term impact at their firms and building their own personal brand.

Solicitors Rebecca Daniels (Private Wealth) and James Crook (Corporate and Commercial) recently represented the firm at the Alliott Global Alliance “Impact Academy”, a two day event held in Lisbon at the end of May.

The event was attended by representatives from member firms from across the Alliott Global Alliance and focused on developing career skills, outlining practical measures on how to make a positive “impact”. Seminars were led by instructors Joanna Keeling and Elisabet Vinberg Hearn, who provided attendees with practical strategies to enhance their professional growth and maximize their impact in their respective fields.

Rebecca said “I thoroughly enjoyed meeting such a talented group of people in Lisbon. I am very grateful to Sherrards for the opportunity to attend this enriching and insightful course. It was my first in-person experience of the Alliott Global Alliance and I am already convinced of its effectiveness.”

“It was a real pleasure to spend time in the company of so many impressive people from around the Alliance, and I hope we can build on the connections made there in the future. Lisbon was a wonderful choice of venue and I am grateful to our instructors at the Impact Academy for sharing their wisdom and advice”, said James.

With 220 member firms in 94 countries, spreading across 253 cities in 6 continents, Alliott Global Alliance is one of the leading organisations of its kind, providing Sherrards with global reach.

Read more about the trip here in this article published by the Alliott Global Alliance.

Written by James Crook and Rebecca Daniels

Alliott Global Alliance Impact Academy Conference