Paul Marmor speaks to Dallas, New York and California!

Paul Marmor, Head of Litigation and International Services, recently visited the offices of our Alliott Global Alliance (“AGA”) correspondent law firms in Dallas and New York – Platt Richmond and Golenbock Eiseman Assor Bell & Peskoe – and gave a presentation to each on the topic of UK/USA relations post-Brexit, where Paul explained how the trading relationship has been affected in a post-Brexit world.

Paul set out the good, the bad and the ugly from all perspectives.  Paul also gave the same presentation to AGA’s North American annual meeting in Palm Springs, California, attended by over 70 members from the USA, Canada and Mexico.

Paul is pictured presenting a ceremonial gift to each law firm, with the Managing Partner of Platt Richmond, Bob Daniels, and a number of his colleague, and with Jeff Berger, the Managing Partner of Golenbocks.  Paul is presenting David Gauke’s book entitled The Case for the Centre Right, which is a collection of essays on politics in the UK at this time, with special emphasis on Brexit, including contributions from Rory Stewart, Daniel Finklestein  and Dominic Grieve and others.

Paul Marmor visits Dallas, New York and California to discuss UK and USA relations post-brexit.

For more information about our connectivity, clients and friends across the Americas, through our involvement in the AGA, the American Bar Association and the International Bar Association, and for our legal perspectives relating to Brexit, then please reach out to Paul Marmor on +44 20 7478 9010 or, or visit