As part of our commitment to sustainability, we are proud to be sponsoring the ever-important Sustainability Festival 2021 and celebrating World Environment Day on 5 June.

In light of #SustFest, we are running a photo competition to take place on 12 April – 28 May 2021. We encourage you to take a photo of what World Environment Day means to you for a chance to win a Lussmanns voucher! Lussmanns, are a local sustainable restaurant who are also founding members of the Sustainable Restaurant Association, winners of the Food Made Good Awards 2018 ‘Source Fish Responsibly’ and now the only restaurant group currently in the UK to be completely MSC-friendly. As well as being in with a chance to win a Lussmanns voucher, your photo may also be exhibited in the St Albans museum at the town hall. For information on how to enter please see our competition T&C’s at the bottom of this page. A little bit more about Sustainable Sherrards: Our Sustainable Sherrards group meet every other month to discuss and review our green initiatives. This is an internal group made up of solicitors and nonlegal professionals across both our offices. Here are a few steps that we are taking to become sustainable:

  • We have removed all plastic cups in our office
  • Our coffee supplier is Nespresso, known as being a sustainable company, and we recycle our coffee pods through its recycling program
  • We solely use recyclable toner cartridges from Planet Green
  • We have installed hand driers in our office bathrooms & removed paper
  • Our confidential paper waste is recycled and they plant trees in place of the recycling
  • We have introduced recycling bins throughout the offices

Future steps:

  • We are becoming more paper-light:
    • By introducing our new client onboarding software, Legl and using DocuSign to reduce paper usage
    • By continuing to save electronic files on iManage and sharing documents online through iManage Share
    • Our printer defaults are set to print black and white and double-sided
    • We have a digest of printing usage for each staff member and are anticipating to hold competitions for who has printed the least each month
  • We donated our old IT equipment to the Computer Recycling Centre in Hertfordshire last year in December
  • We have only fairtrade teas, coffees, sugar
  • We have eco-friendly lighting throughout our offices and meeting rooms

Please note our competition has now closed.