Corporate Social Responsibility

Sherrards & Rayner Essex run for OLLIE

The OLLIE Foundation (One Life Lost is Enough) was launched in 2016 by three parents who had all lost their teenage sons to suicide. The charity works to prevent other families suffering similar tragedies and devotes its time to youth suicide prevention. The foundation has so far trained over 650 people to respond appropriately to suicidal thinking so that they are able to provide support, comfort or engage the relevant services needed.

On Sunday the 13th of June, Sherrards Partner Leigh Head, who is also a trustee of the OLLIE Foundation, and 10 other members of the Sherrards Team completed the St Albans half marathon or 5k race to help raise funds for the OLLIE Foundation alongside Rayner Essex LLP who were led by another trustee of the charity, Antony Federer.

The run was a challenging task, especially on Sunday as the temperature was around 28°C but everyone persevered and managed to complete the course. Leigh Head led the group and completed the half marathon in 1 hour 21 minutes, coming 19th overall, with Martin Halling in 1:42 & Leigh Ecclestone following close behind in 1:46, alongside Sophie Hudson, Kiall Bagnell, Mark Fellows and Jack Jewell who all finished the half marathon in well under 2.5 hours!

Paul Marmor, Annabel Marmor, Anna Peskoe, Dani Hawkins & Tabeer Hussain also completed the St Albans 5k run.

The Sherrards and Rayner Essex team have so far raised over £2,300 for this amazing cause and these funds will help enable vital training of members of local communities in suicide prevention and intervention. The charity is incredibly grateful for everyone’s support and generosity in helping raise awareness for the OLLIE Foundation and hope to use this continued support in the future to build on the current suicide prevention training they currently offer.

The OLLIE foundation is an extraordinary local charity whose work will have saved many lives and there is still time to donate to support the effort put in by the Sherrards and Rayner Essex LLP team who ran last Sunday. Please click here to donate.

Written by Arabella Head.