Sustainable Sherrards

We are a local, national, and international business service. Therefore, it is important that we consider the impact of climate change on a local scale and a global scale.

We don’t want sustainability to be a tick box exercise and are conscious of our impact on the environment. That’s why we are becoming more sustainable as we grow and have set up the Sustainable Sherrards committee to hold us accountable.

The team meet several times a year to discuss how we can do better and progress as a sustainable business.

Our current aims include:

Staff Engagement:

  • Encouraging walk to work & public transport schemes.
  • Encouraging supporting local businesses.
  • Providing the opportunity to join the Sustainable Sherrards committee and attend local events including climate change conferences.

Community focus:

  • Sponsorship & involvement in the Sustainable St Albans Festival.
  • No longer buying gifts/items from large international stores and instead, aiming to ’shop local’.

Reduce our emissions:

  • From small changes like investing in energy saving lightbulbs to consciously choosing to travel less and video call more, we are actively trying to reduce our emissions.


  • Introducing systems to go paperless including Docusign, Legl and more.
  • Recycling our wastepaper via Shredit who plant trees per amount recycled.