Diversity & Inclusivity

Whether it’s providing legal advice or supporting our team and implementing change, Sherrards is beautifully straightforward.

We know that in order to give the best advice to our clients, we need to work with a diverse range of people who each bring their own perspectives and experience to the table.

To make sure we do better (because we can always do better), our current initiatives include:

  • To provide a working environment where our people can bring their whole selves to into the workplace.
  • Identify areas of the firm that we need to improve diversity and create initiatives to address and implement change.
  • Maintaining the gender balance in our partnership which is currently 9:10
  • Support our LGBTQ+ colleagues and community by sponsoring the Hertfordshire Pride festival for the third year in a row.
  • To ensure an established Pride network which provides opportunities for collaborating on business development initiatives in the community for our LGBTQ+ staff and clients.
  • Establishing a workplace committee to represent a variety of demographics including age, gender, religion, race, disability & LGBTQ+
  • The Sherrards book club to focus on black authors in 2022 to ensure representation and build better perspectives on racial disparity.