Piers Fransman

He mentors new members of the team, providing training and guidance on the processes and procedures at Sherrards.  

He is the go-to person when it comes to anything IT. No matter how big or small the problem, Piers is always happy to provide assistance.

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Ruth Gibbons

Ruth’s experience of working in large London venues and strong organisational skills means she is well placed to organise all the client and employee events at the Firm.

Enough said.

Abby Cowan

Her role is largely administration-based and covers the whole spectrum of Marketing at the Firm, including events and data management.

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Melissa Bates

A member of the marketing team, she works closely with all departments to help drive forward the firm’s marketing initiatives. Her background and degree in event management naturally led her to organise the firm’s client and employee events.

Alongside the team, she helps to manage all things digital, social and printed at the firm’s two offices in St Albans and London.

She’s part of the furniture.

Simone Botes

She provides incident, change and request management while ensuring a high level of customer service. The team appreciate her for her friendliness, willingness to help and her knowledge of all things rugby.

She is motivated by mentoring new starters and providing and guidance on processes and procedures. She quickly becomes the ‘go-to’ person at the firm when it comes to anything IT.

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Joanne Riley

As a qualified solicitor turned legal recruiter, Joanne has oodles of experience when it comes to knowing how to make a great fit and continues to bring in exciting, talented individuals to the firm.

Joanne is motivated by speaking to candidates and our trusted group of recruitment agents and says her aim is to “make the recruitment process as professional and seamless as possible.”

Candidates and agents like the way she works; we do too.

Enough said.

Leigh Ecclestone

His team manage all things IT, digital and finance at the firm’s two offices in London and St Albans.

As a member of the Executive Board, Leigh ensures that the firm’s business services run efficiently and are aligned to the firm’s vision and strategic goals.

He prefers face-to-face meetings with suppliers and clients, (over a coffee or beer, naturally) because he finds them most rewarding.

That’s Leigh for you.

Joanne Perry

Her HR role gives her a real insight and understanding of the challenges faced by businesses and the importance of getting it right. This means the advice Joanne gives to clients truly reflects the reality of dealing with people, the businesses’ culture and commercial drivers, and the applicable legal issues.

As a member of the Firm Executive Board, Joanne is focused on achieving the Firm’s objectives and making sure the Firm is moving towards achieving its strategic goals. She is also a Sherrards Training Academy Partner, helping those on their journey to qualification at Sherrards.

She is known for making herself available to employees and clients at all hours and supporting them with their matters and objectives, helping them move towards a swift resolution.

She is CIPD accredited and helps many businesses with their HR & business issues.

This results in many long-lasting relationships with clients and employees alike.

Their comments indicate they appreciate her approach; we’d say that too, if you asked us.

Sophie Hudson

The Marketing team manages all things digital, social, printed and creative at the firm’s two offices in St Albans and London.

Her priority is helping clients and colleagues succeed.

Sophie is an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and is working her way towards Chartership so she can continue to ‘do great marketing.’

She is also the Founding Member of StAMP – St Albans Marketing Professionals networking group. Contact her if you would like to join.

Enough said.