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BREXIT Untangled: Expatriate Services Report Provides Reference Tool for Those Looking Beyond the UK following BREXIT

A new Expatriate Services report is available from Sherrards Solicitors’ international alliance (Alliott Group) for businesses and individuals looking at life beyond the UK, following BREXIT.

The report, published by Alliott Group, a leading international alliance of professional services firms, in which Sherrards Solicitors LLP is the local affiliated member in London, UK, covers 29 countries and is targeted at the needs of senior executives working for internationally focused SME businesses and provides a reference tool on the mesh of interrelated tax, immigration and employment law issues that will be encountered by an internationally mobile workforce.


Jean-Paul da Costa, head of Company and Commercial at Sherrards, comments: “In today’s competitive global business world, employee mobility is crucial. Many governments have been creative in developing ‘impatriate’ schemes that aim to attract senior executives and world class leaders to live and work in their countries. However, to expand abroad successfully, companies need to be able to assign the right people to the right locations at the right time. A full appreciation of the correct tax and legal procedures in different countries will ensure companies and individuals save time and money and avoid the debilitating penalties that make the difference between an international assignment’s success or failure.”

The report covers the following 29 jurisdictions:

Europe: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Guernsey, Hungary, Isle of Man, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, UK.

North America: Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, USA.

Asia Pacific: Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand, Singapore.

Information in the report answers the types of questions handled on an almost daily basis by Alliott Group members, including:

  • What are the necessary formalities and procedures an employer must follow when assigning employees from one country to another?
  • Is a work permit or visa required in the host country?
  • What types of benefits can be provided to employees and what are the costs?
  • What is the impact of an international assignment and relocation on a social security scheme?
  • Which conditions and circumstances enable expatriates to benefit from tax advantages and exemptions in different jurisdictions?
  • How many days does a foreign individual need to spend in a different jurisdiction to be considered resident for tax purposes?

Nicole Marmor, head of Private Client Services at Sherrards, adds: “The services available from Alliott Group member firms worldwide will help companies and individuals to better manage the mobility process, assess optimum remuneration packages and monitor cross border employment structures and company costs.  Individuals need to know where they stand, especially with regard to their domicile, tax and control of their personal estates, be it property, personal chattels or liquid assets.”

Read the full Expatriate Services brochure online.

About Sherrards Solicitors LLP

Sherrards Solicitors is a leading commercial law firm providing comprehensive international and cross-border support to clients in the UK looking to export and expand overseas and, in turn, assisting with businesses looking to invest and set up in the UK. Further information on BREXIT and the effects on employment law and individuals thinking of leaving the UK is available here.

About Alliott Group

Achieving the right advice and solutions that ensure success is no longer the sole preserve of large corporates and the wealthiest individuals. Through Alliott Group, the essential ingredients for successful market entry, such as local knowledge and connections, substantial technical expertise, sector experience, speed to market, flexibility and economies of scale, are now accessible to ambitious small and medium sized businesses. Founded in 1979, and with some 170 member firms in 70 countries, Alliott Group’s aim is to be the alternative, ‘go to’ resource for businesses and private individuals focused on cross border business.

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Further information on BREXIT and the effects on employment law and individuals thinking of leaving the UK is available here.

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