And now a little bit about Allie.

Allie is a solicitor in our Dispute Resolution team.

She runs her own caseload alongside assisting the other solicitors and Partners in the team as needed.

Allie has experience in a wide range of disputes; commercial disputes such as partnership disputes, breach of contract claims and injunctive proceedings, to smaller civil disputes such as debt matters and property litigation.

Allie is able to carefully guide clients through the litigious process, from initial pre-action correspondence through all the procedural stages to Trial. 

That being said, Allie appreciates the stress and great cost that disputes can bring to clients and is keen to suggest alternative commercially focused solutions such as Mediation where appropriate. As such, she has taken part in a good deal of successful Mediations.

Allie works hard to help clients find the right resolution for their dispute.

We hope you found what you wanted.