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Sherrards contributes to World Bank’s Doing Business report 2019

Each year since 2003, the World Bank has produced its seminal and early-awaited report, assessing and analysing what’s happening – country by country, region by region – in terms of the ease of doing business (“the Report”).  The Report takes in a whole host of material, research, data and analysis provided by specially-approved providers.

Governments, the press and NGOs, among others, put the Report to good use, especially in terms of stress-testing how an economy is progressing and the ups and downs of growth and development of a particular economy or region.

The UK’s overall position has dropped from seventh in 2018 to ninth position in the latest report for 2019.  New Zealand, Singapore and Denmark retain their standings at first, second and third places respectively.

Sherrards, through its litigation team, is accredited as a contributor to the Report and department head Paul Marmor, together with Hannah Jones and the late Johan Garcia are cited in the Report as contributors.

This year is particularly poignant because much of Sherrards’ input relating to the review of enforceability of contracts in the UK was worked upon by Johan Garcia, on secondment to the Litigation team.  Johan very sadly passed away in June this year.  His contribution to the Report reflected his ability and aptitude for the finer legal issues, and he is greatly missed by everybody at Sherrards.

What follows are highlights from the Report released by the World Bank. Click here for the highlights.

For more information about Sherrards’ international team, and our contribution to the World Bank report, please email Paul Marmor.