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Laurel Zhang features in China Daily on impact of Britain leaving EU

Following the result of the EU Referendum on 24 June 2016, in which 52% of the UK population voted to leave the European Union, Laurel (Xueying) Zhang of Sherrards Solicitors estimated the impact of the nation’s decision on Chinese investment in the UK.

This week, Laurel provided further comment on the subject in a following article featured in China Daily, outlining the impact of the Brexit result on clients in relation to Chinese mergers and acquisitions in the UK.

Laurel, head of the China and Far East Desk at the firm’s London office, outlined in China Daily that there could be significant financial consequences on the actions of investors from China as a direct result of the verdict.

As a native Mandarin lawyer originally from Beijing, Laurel is experienced in cross-border Chinese-related relations, focusing on Chinese, Taiwanese and Far Eastern investors coming into the UK and Europe. She also assists UK clients with their interests overseas, particularly the Far East.

Her role in working with investors from this region is to manage the risks and maximise the strength of their position, particularly in a time of economic uncertainty following Britain’s decision to exit the European Union.

Read Laurel’s comments in China Daily’s Brexit article the Mergers & Acquisitions article online.