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Guangzhou Delegation visits Sherrards

 “Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life….” – Samuel Johnson –

Sherrards has hosted a delegation of 23 Guangzhou Lawyers  as part of their two-week training programme run by the University of Law.  The afternoon focussed on assisting  Chinese professionals & business on  successfully doing business in the UK.  The delegation consisted of some very serious corporate and litigation specialists  from Guangzhou.

Talks included a presentation by Alasdair McMillin,  Managing Partner and property specialist, who gave an insight into what’s happening property wise in the UK especially following the recent election observing: “With  the onset of much more certainty in the economy  we expect the market to be much more buoyant but there are still bargains to be had and with Sterling still being relatively weak lots of value for foreign  investors”

Jean-Paul Da Costa, Head of Corporate and Commercial, offered his 7 Secrets to Successfully doing business in the U.K,  specifically in relation to obstacles that Chinese Lawyers may not of be aware of stating that:   “It is vital to educate Chinese lawyers and clients  as to the perils and pitfalls for doing business in the UK. All too often we see things going wrong for Chinese investors because they do not get adequate legal advice”.

Geraldine Fabre, Corporate Commercial Europe and Head of French desk, examined Planning for Business with Brexit on the horizon and provided the delegates with a checklist of how businesses can prepare for the UK’s departure from the EU. As Geraldine commented “There are opportunities that come with BREXIT and it’s a question of knowing where to look”

Paul Marmor, Head of international and also litigation,  summarized  the International Work that is carried out at Sherrards and gave a resume of international legal associations that we are happy to introduce the delegation to and who we work closely with including The International bar Association, The American Bar Association and The Law Society International Division among others. Paul gave some insights into our work with the Department of International and as Paul said: “being part of the DIT  inbound investment panel into the UK  is a great honour.”

Paul drew special attention to Laurel Zhang, Head of China and Southeast Asia Group, who was in China on this occasion, who leads the firm’s focus on developing a Chinese and South East Asian client base who are investing into  the UK and more widely into Europe.

To conclude the presentation, Greg Pooler, spoke about Alternative Dispute Resolution processes and  Mediation, which provoked a lot of discussion and interest as this is not as such a popular form of resolution in China as it is in the UK.

Paul highlights the benefits of hosting these events:  “these types of educational events reinforce the firm’s commitment to globalisation and sharing our knowledge in our given areas of expertise whether it be corporate, property and real estate to litigation and mediation”.

Alessa Ward, Director International – Europe and Professional Training also shares Paul’s thoughts, “The Guangzhou lawyers were  beyond impressed by you and your colleagues’ knowledge and openness to share your experience with them”.

The afternoon concluded with a photo opportunity outside Dr Samuel Johnsons House to commemorate the occasion as well the President of the Guangzhou Lawyers presenting Paul and Alasdair with a gift of appreciation.

This is the second time that Sherrards have hosted a group of Chinese delegates in association with The University of Law, and we look forward to welcoming more in the future and strengthening relationships with China further.

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