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Creating a stronger partnership between Malaysia and the UK

Senior property lawyer Mark Peters attended the Malaysia-UK Investor Showcase which recently took place in the magnificent surroundings of Marlborough House (the Headquarters of the Commonwealth Secretariat) in London.

This was a fascinating and interesting event, co-ordinated by the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council (CWEIC), in partnership with UK-ASEAN Business Council (the leading body promoting trade between this country and South East Asia). Leading politicians and business people spoke at the event, which was chaired by Lord Marland (Chairman of  The CWEIC).


The delegates were treated to addresses from some very senior politicians, including the Prime Minister of Malaysia himself, Najib Razak. The theme and purpose of the event was to promote and identify opportunities for Malaysia and the UK to work together, whether on the delivery of major infrastructure and investment projects or in establishing businesses in each country.

Mark Peters “Perhaps the best known current project connecting Malaysia to the UK is the Battersea Power Station Development.  Robert Tincknell, the CEO of the Developer, gave a very interesting talk outlining the project, its current state, and how this major development of a trophy site and which will also bring back into life one of the great iconic buildings of the London landscape, has now been made possible through the rescue of the project by a consortium of Malaysian investors.”

Mark adds “No less interesting, and absolutely fascinating, was  a presentation by Matt Chandran, the CEO of iGene, on his business of digital autopsy.  This is an amazing concept of mapping the body digitally, to supplement, and possibly even to replace, post mortem examinations.  It has the potential, for instance, to address the concern of some religions, where a traditional post mortem is seen as a desecration of the body.  This business is a great example of Malaysian money combining with UK expertise and the flexibility and cost advantages of siting a cutting edge business in the north of England (in this case, Sheffield).”

There was time for networking at the end of the Conference, which allowed speakers, investors, and professionals to meet and talk in a convivial atmosphere, to exchange ideas, and to discuss potential opportunities.

Sherrards through its membership of Alliott Group, has  recently  announced  its involvement in the Commonwealth Trade Initiative (CTI) in which Alliott Group is an official Commercial Partner.  The CTI has been set up by the CWEIC  which facilitates trade and investment throughout the 53 countries of the Commonwealth and supports private sector companies and governments to promote economic activity. The CWEIC works with its member companies to expand their businesses and to help them invest in Commonwealth countries. Paul Marmor, head of international services, comments that “At the heart of the CTI is the Commonwealth Trade Platform, a digital business platform that has been designed to connect thousands of buyers and suppliers across Commonwealth markets to enable them to gain access to up to date market intelligence and seek advice from experts such as those within Sherrards  who can help to unlock new trading opportunities across the Commonwealth.”


For more information about the Malaysia-UK Investor Showcase and/or Commonwealth Trade Initiative please speak to Paul Marmor on +442074789010 or  or Laurel Zhang head of China & South East Asia Desk  on +442074789010.

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