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Brexit deal or no deal.

What happens to enforcement of English Judgments across Europe?

So while the negotiations continue and it’s far from certain what the new world looks like in January, it might be worth knowing that any proceedings issued in England prior to the end of the year will be covered by the Brussels Regulation Recast. This applies to all legal proceedings instituted prior to the end of the transition period in accordance with Art. 67(1) of the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement. Similarly, judgments resulting from such proceedings will be enforceable under the Brussels Reg. Recast pursuant to Art. 67(2).

What that means is that whatever the outcome of deal or no deal, if court proceedings are issued before year-end, then they will still have the weight of the transition period behind them if and when judgment is obtained being enforceable across the EU, whatever the outcome of deal or no deal, and furthermore any judgments obtained before the year will remain enforceable within EU as if old regime applies.

And the wine? Spreading some joy at this difficult time..!

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