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Sherrards helps client to shut down rogue websites


Sherrards has this week represented its long-standing client, Villa Plus, in connection with the shutting down of two bogus websites that were advertising Villa Plus’ villas for holiday rental unlawfully.

Barney Laurence – a Senior Associate within the firm and who specialises in commercial litigation – wrote a detailed letter before action to the host of the bogus websites. However, despite the compelling evidence of wrongdoing the host responded saying it would take no action unless served with a Court Order.

Sherrards subsequently worked with Villa Plus, who in turn contacted the authorities and forwarded to them Sherrards’ pre-action correspondence. The websites have since been taken down.

Villa Plus raised the alarm when they discovered their properties were being advertised on fake web pages and without the owners’, or Villa Plus’, knowledge or consent.

The villas were advertised with unlimited availability, cheap prices, and the only way to pay was through a wire transfer.

Nick Cooper, founder and co-owner of Villa Plus, said: “Over the past year there have been several fake villa rental websites. Consumers have lost a significant amount of money and it has taken months to close them down. One of our first calls was to Barney Laurence at Sherrards. With his speedy response, even taking calls late at night, we managed to get these websites shut down in record time. This happened within 10 days of discovery and stopped further consumers losing money.”

This matter has been reported in The Evening Standard.

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