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Russia – The opportunity and why we take a positive view

Carolina Bazarova, Sherrards Solicitors' Russian intern

Carolina Bazarova, author of this article.

Russian city Sochi recently hosted the Sochi Legal Conference, which was presented by one of Moscow’s leading law firms, Egorov Puginsky Afanasiev & Partners (“EPAM”).

The event brought together over 200 delegates from 26 different countries to discuss topics affecting business in the CIS and beyond. Paul Marmor, Head of Litigation and International Services at Sherrards Solicitors, had the privilege of being personally invited to represent the firm and the English legal profession and to join in the discussions.

Sanctions in Russia

Unsurprisingly given the current situation in Russia, one of the topics discussed was “Sanctions and Reciprocal Sanctions: A New Reality”. Paul’s attendance followed on from his recent work with Sherrards in Moscow and an interview he gave last year with Russia’s leading law journal and news agency, RAPSI.

The US and EU have imposed a range of sanctions on Russian businesses and individuals in response to the crisis in eastern Ukraine and the resultant deterioration in relations between Russia and the West. But the impact of the sanctions on Russia stretches far beyond the individuals and businesses involved, with pitfalls and opportunities for many in this high-risk environment.

The Russian situation offers a real opportunity

Sherrards’ intern Carolina Bazarova, who is studying law at the London School of Economics and the author of this article, recently attended the “Russia: The Inside Track” conference at the Hyatt Regency hotel in London organised by Sberbank CIB, at which keynote speaker Dr Dimitri Trenin presented his views on the situation in Russia. Introducing the presentation, Mr Maxim Poletaev, drew attention to the fact that the Chinese word for “crisis” is composed of two sino characters: “danger” and “opportunity”.

At Sherrards, we prefer to look at the current Ukrainian-Russian “crisis” as an opportunity – specifically, an opportunity to help and advise those seeking to relocate to the UK as a result of the situation in Russia.

Sherrards: A firm that is up to the challenge

Paul Marmor with Anastasia Gracheva

Paul Marmor, Head of Litigation & International Services with Anastasia Gracheva, Ministry for Economic Development, Russian Federation

Furthermore, we are very well placed, with many viewing England as the natural jurisdiction of choice for determining disputes and litigation arising in Russia and the CIS region, whether it be through the commercial High Court in London, or through arbitration and/or mediation, where we are seeing a surge of instructions.

According to the Financial Times, the UK has seen a surge in wealthy Russians seeking a haven in Britain during a time of geopolitical uncertainty and deteriorating international relations. Sherrards’ experienced Russia and CIS legal team is at the ready, and here to provide assistance to  businesses  and individuals looking to bring their families over to the UK and escape the political situation in Eastern Europe. Sherrards’ Russia and CIS legal team is led by our head of Corporate Jean-Paul da Costa, who has operated in this area for over two decades. At his side is the Property department’s Cynthia Cepakina, who is fluent in both spoken and written legal Russian.

At Sherrards, therefore, we want to ensure that the Ukrainian-Russian “crisis” is an opportunity for our clients to benefit from the many advantages  that the UK has to offer. From its reputation as a centre of international litigation, to its first class educational establishments, Britain can only be looked at as an opportunity, one that the team at Sherrards wants to help its clients seize.

For more information on the services available from Sherrards Solicitors, please speak to Jean-Paul da Costa and/or Paul Marmor, and also visit Sherrards’ International Russia and CIS page.  You can also read this post in Russian.

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